Beach City Performance Services

We are a full service automotive repair facility from your everyday maintenance needs to full customization. We Strive on great service, competitive pricing, and always friendly people

Tire Service and Repair

All tire repairs are not equal. we recommend following strict rma safely guidelines so you can drive away with confidence. Beach city performance provides the appropriate standard to comply with the correct guidelines.

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Tire Pressure Check:

Always free at beach city performance. maintaining correct and proper air prressure in your tires helps ensure proper tire wear, fuel economy, and vehicle safety. proper tire pressure for you vehicle can be found in your vehicles owner manual, door panel, or glove box, but not on the tire itself.

Tire Rotation:

Free lifetime rotation with tires purchased from bcp. regularly changing the positions of the tires on your vehicle will help ensure the proper and even wear of your tires.

Wheel Balancing:

Well-balanced wheels and tires will give you a smoother ride and minmize stress on your vehicles tires and suspension.

Tire Mounting:

Whether you bring them in or buy them from us, we’ll make sure they are mounted safely.

Used Tires:

When your budget is tight, we can help you with good quality used tires. All of our used tires are inspected per the rma guidelines to help insure there quality. The visual inspection includes check for nails, cuts, punctures, and other damages. all used times come with unlimited mileage seven day warranty.

Oil Lube & Filters

Maintain a regular oil change routine to keep your vehicle engine running as efficiently as possible. Includes new oil filter, up to 5 quarts of new oil, chassis lubrication, topping off all fluids, and 24pt visual inspection.

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Air Filter Change:

Make sure your engine is breathing clean by maintaining a fresh new air filter. This helps prevent any damage to your vehicles engine.

Cabin Filter Change:

Cabin filters help protect you and your passengers from dust, pollen, and smog. Ask a specialist today to check your cabin filter to see if you need them to be replaced

Fuel Filter:

Your vehicles clean fuel is essential to preventing particles from damaging your c arburetors and fuel injectors. New and clean fuel filters ensure your engine is running on clean fuel.

Routine Services & Fluids

Exchanging the fluid in the brake system provides fresh lubrication to extend the life of the brake system parts. Including the master cylinder, wheel cylinders, calipers, abs components, and hoses. Includes removal of old fluids and replacement of new fluids

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Differential Fluid Exchange:

Removes moisture and dirt from the system and provides fresh lubrication to extend the differential performance especially in 4x4s and light trucks.

Cooling System Flush & Fill:

A healthy cooling system protects your vehicles engine from dangerous overheating. Routine cooling system flushes are essential. Removes rust, scale, sludge, and corrosion deposits from the entire cooling system, not just the radiator. Eliminates acidic mixtures and helps prevent electrolysis. includes new coolant.

Transmission Fluid Exchange:

Over 13+ million transmissions fail every year. Periodic transmission fluid exchanges can help keep your transmission from becoming statistic. complete flush removes nearly all fluid from the system, not just the fluid in the pan. Worn fluid loses its ability to properly protect internal transmission components.

Fuel System Cleaning:

Engines thrive on clean fuel. A fuel system cleaning from bcp helps restore engine performance, lower emmsions, and extend engine life and improve fuel ecomony. Typcial fuel system cleaning costs around $150-$200 for service and fuel system flush and fluids. Removes carbon deposits and water from the fuel system.

Power Steering Fluid Exchange:

Restore quiet, smooth, uniform steering control. Power steering treatment reduces wear and heat, which can reduce steering control and lead to premature failure of the power steering unit. Power steering fluid exchange removes contaminants, deposits, abrasive material shavings, and debris from power steering fluid system.

Belt Replacement:

Engine drive belts operate engine components such as water pumps, power steering pumps, aternators, and more. When belts wear down, they are at risk of a sudden break which could leave your vehicle stranded. Beach City Performance will perform an inspection of drive belts for cracking, fraying, dterioration or misalignment, and replace belts where necessary.

Raidator and Coolant Hoses:

Radiator and coolant hoses are essntial engine components that help prevent engine overheating. as those hoses age, they can become brittle or weak and eventually burst or leak. A failed raidator or coolant hose can leave a vehicle stranded and can cause severe engine damage. bcp will inspect the condition of hoses and replace where necessary.


Regular testing of your car’s battery can help prevent unwanted surprises down the road. Beach City Performance will test your vehicles battery and advise your of its condition. Recharging batter is available.

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Battery Cable Replacement:

Don’t get stuck in the parking lot because of failed battery cables. Beach City Performance will inspect your vehicles battery cables.

Installation of New Battery:

Beach City Performance will remove or replace new batteries as needed. Beach City Performance will recycle old batteries and also offer a 5-7 year automatic replacement or prorated warranty on tires.


Always free brake inspection. Beach City Performance will diagnose your brake problem. Even if you notice noise when braking or a small brake failure, Beach City Performance can correct the problems you are facing. bcp specializes in regular and custom brake systems.

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Brake system:

Beach City Performance offers aftermarket and original equipment brake parts. Whether you need replacement brake pads, rotors, or shoes, or have major brake issues with your calipers, master cylinder, brake booster, hoses, or lines bcp can identify, replace and repair your vehicle.

Brake Bleeding:

If your brake pedal feels like it is getting closer and closer to the floor or not stopping as promptly as your would like; maybe it is time to bleed your brake system. Speak with a bcp associate for more details.


Keeping your vehicle aligned helps ensure even tire wear, proper handling and improved fuel economy.

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Wheel Alignment

Includes adjusting alignment angles to factory specifications, adjusting tire pressure where necessary, and inspection of steering and suspension components.

Suspension & Front End

When your vehicle’s steering and suspension systems suffer, your driving experience suffers. If your having handling problems or notice unusual movements over bumps or turns, Beach City Performance can help.Beach City Performance will inspect the major components of your steering and suspension system.

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Whether you have noticed a bumpy ride, uneven wear of your tires, or if you just want to explore how new shocks can give your vehicle a boost in handling, Beach City Performance can guide you in the right direction. We have a wide range of products to select from that fit your vehicles needs.


Struts help your vehicle from swaying, bouncing, or bottoming out. Beach City Performance will inspect your vehicle’s struts and strut mounting hardware and recommend if any replacements are needed.

Tie Rods:

Faulty tie rods can result in erratic steering, wandering and significant tire wear. Beach City Performance will diagnose problems and repair or replace as necessary.

Ball Joints:

Clicking, snapping, squeaking or thudding may occur from ball joint failure. Ball joints link your vehicles wheels to its suspension system. Driving with faulty ball joints is a safety hazard. Beach City Performance can inspect, lubricate, replace as necessary.

Rack and Pinion:

Your vehicle’s steering system relies on the rack and pinion to make steering feel right and tight. Beach City Performance will diagnose the steering system and repair the rack and pinion if necessary.

CV Joints and CV Axles:

C.V. axles are fount on front wheel drive cars and some rear wheel drive cars. torn c.v. boots and worn c.v. joints or axles can cuase damage to transmissions, and other components. If your hearing clicking noises when making a turn or going over a bump your may have axle or joint symptoms.


To insure that your vehicle’s system is charging correctly, have your alternator checked on a regular basis. There is nothing like getting stuck in the middle of the road because your alternator is not powering your car’s electric system.

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If you are hearing clicking noises and unable to start your vehicle, this is a symptom of a faulty starter. Beach City Performance can diagnose and replace your vehicle’s starter as necessary.

Electric Issues:

Whether you have a relay not working, short somewhere or switch that isnt working beach city performance can diagnose and correct your electrical problem.